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If you are a veteran of the online platform, you can approve these facts: ranking on the Google’s first page equaled to winning a gold medal in Olympics. This is because Google was the Alpha and Omega of your website traffic. Importantly, you did intensive keyword research to ensure your content falls in love with the Google crawling bots.

With this, you were sure that your page would be among the top ten of Google results when a visitor searches your niche keywords. However, a transformation occurred. Nowadays, Google is no longer the only method of generating traffic. Today social media and paid ads are essential sources of traffic.

To be at the top of Google we will help you make the right decision, here at Seo Toronto are the reasons why your organic traffic matters in your online business.

a) Organic search is the overall source of relevant traffic

Although every visitor counts, the overall source of your traffic is through the search engines. As you know, the search engine is the largest marketplace. Millions of people are using it to search for products or information on various issues. In fact, more than 80% traffic of best performing business come from search engines. Also, while other sources are trying to enhance the relevance of their searches, search engines are the most relevant way to drive organic traffic that will have a lasting impact on your website.

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b) A good way to create long-term customers


Have you ever visited a place for only one time? Maybe your peer invited you or took you to the place. However, you do not have a plan to go back. Also, it is certain that you have a place where you visit regularly. This scenario represents a comparison between organic search and other traffic sources. Social media and other traffic sources may bring to you high traffics.

Nevertheless, a large percentage of this traffic consists of visitors. These are people who just follow your site link without any intention of either reading your content or purchasing your products. On the other hand, traffic from search engines consists of serious people who have a problem deserving a solution. Hence, if your site has the best solution to the customers’ problem, they will become long-term followers or customers in case of an online business.

c) Organic search builds a long-lasting brand


The essentiality of your online business is maintaining a long-term following. By this, you are promised of more sales. While paid and Facebook ads are a good source of traffic for your site, their impact is short lived. The main aim of such ads is to create awareness of your business for a given period.

Upon expiry of that period, your traffic from them also stops.  In comparison, your organic traffic does not have an expiry date. If a visitor finds your website as a helpful source of information, they will continue following you for a longer period. Hence, organic search is a good way to build a lasting online brand for your website compared with other traffic sources.

The organic traffic that enters your site is of real importance, so your website is better positioned and your customers will visit you and look for more often, and thus you will be in the top positions before Google. But we have the solutions here we leave you with some of the best companies in which you can make your website a reality and achieve your goals. https://se.agency/en/

d) It is a cost-effect way to market your business


Unlike other sources of traffic, you do not need to pay to rank well on the search engines. But this does not mean you will not spend cash on SEO optimization. However, if your content is evergreen or you are offering on-demand products, you will not be required to pay extra costs to drive traffic to your website. This is different from other sources such as paid and Facebook or Twitter ads.  Hence, organic traffic saves you marketing costs in the long run.

 With this information, you are now aware of why your organic traffic matters.